November update

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The horses are having a lovely holiday, with kind weather and grass that kept growing through most of Nov. I kept them unrugged for as long as I could, to allow their coats to grow, but now the colder weather is coming their Bucas rugs are on! They have all been having just half a scoop of Baileys Performance balancer so far, but as it gets colder their feed will increase and I will start to give them Marksway HorseHage each day as well. They stay out 24/7 until they start work again in January.

I’ve really enjoyed breaking in my 3 homebred 3 yr olds. which I have done on my own. They have been incredibly easy and well behaved – and seemed to have thoroughly enjoy the whole experience! I am now working with Dan, a 4 yr old I bought last year, he is at the stage of trotting around a course of 50 cms – clever boy!

November is a month of catching up with jobs plus doing work for sponsors – and more after dinner talks and presentations! I enjoy having more time to watch Freddie, my son, play rugby and football. David and I are sneaking off for a week in the sun to Oman. I have just started producing a new book, a training manual, which I am planning to have finished in time to catch the 2014 Christmas market (am taking my dictaphone on holiday!)

Emily has had a fabulous time working for Ben Maher, who has been very kind and generous with his time. She now wants to be a top event AND show jump rider!! She is now with the Eilbergs experiencing the dressage world.

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