A Wonderful Week in Pau

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Wow, what a wonderful week we had in Pau! It was Emily and Brookleigh’s first 4 star CCI and they finished 4th, which was an amazing performance!!

Emily rode well in all 3 phases. Brook rose to the occasion with a lovely sub 40 dressage test and wonderful happy confident jumping rounds, well done Brook! It was unfortunate, that their 1 and only show jump down prevented them from winning their first 4 star. (Luckily, there’s always next year.) Seeing Emily next to Michael Jung at the press conference was a very proud moment for me. She also rode Dargun into 5th place in the CIC**, so it was a super end to the season.

The horses are now all turned out day and night with shoes removed. I like them to grow thick coats so they only start to have their Bucas turnout rugs on when the weather gets wet and cold. They just have Baileys balancer each day, and don’t start to have extra feed and Marksway Horsehage until they need it, usually not until December.

Some talks, teaching days and a holiday with David are planned for this coming month, it set to be very busy indeed!

Our thoughts are with William Fox Pitt, praying for him to have a speedy recovery back to full health.

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