Drier days and the new season

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Sadly the first 2 events of Emily’s and my planned Spring programme have had to cancel due to wet ground. Fingers crossed that Aldon Horse Trials manages to run, if so, our season will begin there!

The horses are fit and nearly ready to start. I have given some a little XC school at Bicton, but to be fully prepared they all need to have another XC school – I am waiting for the schooling venues to dry out so they can open.

February has gone smoothly with the only problem being a very sore rash which some of the horses have had. Some got it on their sides, some over their withers. We haven’t worked out what caused it, but we found cleansing the area with Forever Living’s Aloe Veterinary Formula, then applying Aloe Vera gel has had the most soothing effect on the rash, and within a few days it has settled.

The jumping shows have been fun. Lottie (Kings Choice), who is 6 yrs old this year, is happily leaping around 1.15m classes. Her jump feels much stronger this year, its lovely to feel her improving and enjoying the challenge.

Jay (MHS King Joules) and Archie (Imperial Cavalier), as well as going to jumping shows have been dressage training with Ferdi Eilberg and are both now dying to get eventing!

I have had to get some fencing done and have used a brilliant product called Horserail (horserail.com). It is very smart, durable and can be electrified. The Horserail team were so kind and efficient with the product arriving in big rolls within a couple of days. I highly recommend it – no more broken or chewed rails, and very low maintenance, hurray!

Barnsby, my tack sponsor, has been to check all my tack. A couple of repairs and slight adjustment to some of the saddles was all that was needed. Correctly fitting saddles that are comfortable for both horse and rider are imperative for a successful season.

Fingers crossed for some lovely dry days ahead 🙂

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