February 2013

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Well January is flying by, and all the horses are gradually getting fitter…gosh I am lucky to have such steep Devon hills around me making the fittening work so much easier.

They all just did road work for the first few weeks, and then I gradually introduced some schooling and jumping into their exercise. Luckily our snow hasn’t been too bad, the horses only have missed one day of work and they are being turned out every day after exercise. Emma and Lauren my 2 hard working grooms have been gradually getting the horses smart, clipping, pulling, washing and trimming!

Emily is having a great time at Kyra Kyrkland’s dressage yard in Sussex. She is there for a month with 2 horses, working in exchange for dressage lessons. After a couple of weeks I swapped her horses, taking Patsy Mason’s Zippy and Indi (Mr Hiho and Miss Indigo), and bringing home Patrick Beresford’s Charlie (Charlemagne) and Bridget Burbidge’s Moira (Redpath Eucanfly). I watched Emily have a lesson and was so impressed with how her dressage seat had improved.

Keith Evans my equine dentist came the other day and treated all the horses, making sure they will be comfy in their mouths this year.

David and I went to a wonderful reception last week at Clarence House hosted by HRH Duchess of Cornwall. She had kindly invited all the British Olympic Equestrian Teams plus the owners to her home. I have also been fulfilling all sorts of diverse requests from helping launch 8 new double decker buses in my local town of Sidmouth, to prize givings/ talks for local schools. I spent a day teaching at Patchetts Equestrian Centre in north London and then did a lecture/demo with Archie and Urco (Imperial Cavalier and Fernhill Urco) in the evening…that was a long day..leaving Devon at 3am and returning at 3 am the next morning!! But the enthusiastic spectators made it worth it!!


Hope you are all well!


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