From a yard full of fat fluffy mammoths to smart competition horses!

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The horses have been back in work now for 4 weeks and the miraculous transition has been made from a yard full of fat fluffy mammoths to smart competition horses! I love seeing the massive change after they have been clipped and had their manes and tails pulled and tidied. 

Having survived some great skiing with family and friends returning unscathed (phew!) its now time for the hard work. Emily and I are beginning to include some schooling and jumping into the horses work, which they all love!! (and so do we!) We will soon start their fast work, building up the amount they do bit by bit.

Also some BS shows at Summerhouse and Bicton, and XC schooling, will be part of the preparation for the event season. The 5yr olds have had their first outing in the lorry to Bicton for their first away show jump schooling, they were very good. They have been down to the local river, with Tess as nanny, and have got very confident going in and out of the water.

During January, Keith Evans my equine dentist came and treated all the horses teeth, removing any sharp edges. The Bailey’s Horse Feed’s nutritionalist came and went through each of the horses diets, and Richard Stringer, my vet, came and updated any necessary ‘flu and tetanus boosters.

New Groom
I felt extremely humbled by the 256 CVs I received following my FB post re the grooms position, thank you once again to everyone who applied. A lovely local girl called Ellie Forrest has joined the King Team.

Fieldhouse saddles
I am thrilled to be involved this year with Fieldhouse riding equipment, we are working on some new saddlery lines which will be really exciting. If any of you want some brilliant saddle soap, do try Grand Prix Leather Gloss (, we love it!

Mitsubishi have just changed Emily’s and my vehicles and we are now driving around in fabulous new Shoguns. They are wonderful tough reliable vehicles, with plenty of boot space for horsey kit.

I have a number of talks, lecture/demos and teaching days through Feb, then the event season begins in March…hurrah!

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