Happy New Year!

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The horses, and my two fabulous girl grooms Lauren Reed and Emma Hartwell, started work at the beginning of January – it is lovely to have the stables full again. Emily and I between us have 10 horses in work preparing for the 2014 event season:

Imperial Cavalier (Archie) owned by Eddie and Sue Davies and Janette Chin
MHS King Joules (Jay) owned by Bedgebury Park and Tom Joule
Kings Choice (Lottie) owned by Pete Appleford, John Bevan, Roger and Gill Trivett
King Dan (Dan) owned by me 🙂

Mr Hiho (Zippy) owned by Patsy Mason
Brookleigh (Brook) owned by Jane Mercer
Charlemagne (Charlie) owned by Lord Patrick Beresford
Miss Indigo (Indi) owned by Patsy Mason
Walitze Vejgard (Zara) owned by Gabriella Atkinson, Bedgebury Park
Del Piero ll owned by Gillian Jonas

The two 6 yr olds Lottie and Peter, and the 5 yr old Dan live out and are working each day from the field. The other 7 are stabled, but are turned out most days after exercise for an hour or 2.

The first few weeks the horses walk on the roads gradually building up the length of the ride and severity of the hills. We are so lucky to have big hills near the yard, they make the fittening work much easier. Clipping, trimming, mane and tail pulling and washing, gradually transforms the hairy monsters into smart looking steeds! Dan, who was working before Christmas had a 2 week break, and is now furthering his education. He has progressed to jumping around a small course with fillers, barrels, tyres and water trays under the fences and started a bit of grid work.

Keith Evans, my equine dentist, will come this month to check all the horses mouths, and remove any sharp edges, to make sure they are comfortable.

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