May 2012

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Tuesday 10th May

With all of this awful wet weather I haven’t competed since Sapey. This has proven frustrating to say the least, however the horses are all going well at home and are in full work. Keeping them fit is not a problem being surrounded by Devon hills, but I think they miss the events as much as I do.

Horses in the yard:

1. Imperial Cavalier: Stable name Archie – Advanced Level

Sire – Cavalier Royale

Dam – Gene Pool


Owned by Eddie & Sue Davies and Janette Chinn

15 Year old Bay Gelding and is my top horse On the short list for the 2012 Olympics

2. Kings Temptress: Stable name Tess – Advanced Level

Site – Primitive Rising

Dam – Kings Mistress


Owned by Derek Baden and “The Mares Team”

12 year old Bay mare and is my second horse shortlisted for the Olympics. Tess is the third horse I have bred.

3. Apache Sauce: Stable name Caffery – Advanced level

Sire – Endoli

Dam – Saucy Secret


Owned by Gillian Jones

16 Year old Chestnut Gelding – this will be his last year competing at advanced level. He is on the Olympic long list and was aiming for Badminton Horse Trials, but due to the event being cancelled he is now going to Luhmuhlen CCI**** in Germany in June.

4. MHS King Joules: Stable name Jay – Intermediate

Sire – Ghareeb

Dam – Gowran Lady


Owned by Eddie & Sue Davies and Janette Chinn

7 year old Black Gelding

5. Cavalier Venture: Stable name Chubby – Novice

Site – Newmarket Venture

Dam – Newmarket RATR Cavalier


Owned by Eddie & Sue Davies and Janette Chinn 6 year old bay gelding

Fixtures and results:

Tweseldown 8-10 March

Cavalier Venture (novice) and MHS King Joules (open novice) both went well with Chubby picking up a 4th place. I took Jay quietly across country…he is a hugely talented horse but needs to progress calmly and quietly to gain his confidence.

Aldon 17-18 March

I rode all my horses at Aldon, but was only a bit competitive with Chubby who finished a respectable 6th at novice level. Archie, Tess, Caffery and Chilli did super dressage tests. Archie and Tess went on to jump double clears, and Caffery and Chilli had 1 show jump down each and clears x country, as did Jay in the intermediate novice. I went for steady XC rounds on them all and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

This was my first event with Chilli Morning, I wasn’t very happy with the way I was riding him but hoped that our next ride at Belton Park would be better.

Somerley 27 March

Chubby finished 7th in a novice section. Jay, who felt nicely settled, was fantastic finishing 2nd in the intermediate section.

Belton Park 30-1 April

I decided not to run my top horses across country. The ground was dry and running them would not have had any effect on their Olympic selection, so decided to save them for Chatsworth in May. Archie did a super dressage test lying 2nd in a huge section of top horses. Tess was uncharacteristically excited, maybe it was to do with having Chilli the stallion with us…and spring was in the air! Caffery had his final prep run before Badminton and went beautifully.

After leading the dressage with Chilli in an advanced section, and 1 show jump down I sadly didn’t have a great x country ride, ending up retiring after some refusals XC accumulating refusals. We were not really jelling as a partnership and he wasn’t happy with the stronger bit I had to use on him. I didn’t feel I was doing him justice which wasn’t fair to the owners or to the horse so I recommended he go to William Fox-Pi who will be competing him from now on. I am disappointed as this is the first time I have had to let a top horse go, but I am sure William will enjoy him as he is a lovely horse.

Larkhill 7 April

Cavalier Venture gave me a great ride, except 1 show jump down prevented him from winning and instead finished 6th .

Sapey 11-12 April

Cavalier Venture was really on great form…19 dressage and double clear finishing 1st which was a super result and I am so pleased with his progress.

Hambledon 21-22 May


Withington 28-29 May


Badminton 3-7 May


Chatsworth 12-13 May


This was meant to be my final Olympic trial for Archie and Tess, but yet again rain stopped play. Everything has been running smoothly with these two horses, and I have high hopes for this year and being able to compete in the London 2012 Olympics. If I am picked it will be my 6th Olympics! The Olympic team of 5 plus the reserves will be named at the end of May.

Emily has also had a great start to the year finishing 10th Overall at Belton on Mr Hiho and the second best junior in the under 21 category. Charlemagne and Miss Indigo her 2 new 5yr olds have also progressing well.

Emily has just started her GCSE’s. Trying to balance her eventing career and school work is interesting but so far so good!

Here is my planned future programme:

  • MAY:
  • 24-27 HOUGHTON HALL CCI*/**
  • JUNE:
  • 23-24 Salperton………Gloucstershire
  • 28-1 Barbary…………Wiltshire
  • JULY:
  • 3-4 Nutwell………….Devon
  • 13-15 Gatcombe Brish Champs…Gloucestershire
    • 20-22 Aston le Walls…Northamptonshire
    • 27-30 OLYMPICS (I HOPE!)
  • AUG:
  • 9th Aston le Walls..Northamptonshire
  • 25th-27th Wellington..Hampire
  • SEPT:
  • 15th-16th Gatcombe…Gloucestershire
  • 23rd South of England…Sussex
  • OCT:
  • 17th-21st Le Lions D’Angers..France
  • 25th-28th Pau…France

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