The season has started, hurrah!

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Em and I have got off to a great start, with all the horses progressing well and trying very hard. I had a win at Moreton on Joey, and Em had a win at Tweseldown on Zara. Aldon the following weekend was successful for both of us. I won the ON with Bobby, who is run by a syndicate of 6 supportive people who call themselves ‘The Kings Group’ (Gilly Robinson, Liz Knowler, Hazel Fastnedge, Annie Corbin, Fenella Hughes and Annie Jackett), and was 2nd with Billy who is sponsored by a lovely lady called Liz Young, and Joey went steadily to finish 9th. Em won the big AI section with Dargun… happy days!! She won a beautiful trophy which I have won a number of times over the years, the first time being in 1987!! (Most of the competitors weren’t even born!)
My three are feeling very relaxed and confident at novice level now, so during the next couple of months they are going to be progressing up to intermediate level.
At River Cottage event with stable tours the day after.

Emily and I have hosted 3 River Cottage evenings during the last month, with 55 people signing up for the yard visit the following day. We have met some lovely people at these evenings, and have adored the delicious food.

Stable Comfort the wonderful cushioned flooring we have, kindly came out to do a couple of small jobs. I have had this comfortable stable flooring down for years, it is brilliant and durable and the horses love it. I cannot recommend it high enough.
Jumpsonline kindly delivered us some lovely new uprights and poles, making our arena look very professional. These maintenance free jumps are fabulous. Jumpsonline is a leading manufacturer of polypropylene show jumps for sale in UK and Europe.
Best wishes, Mary

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  1. Kick on for the coming season. Good luck to both the King girls and their horses. We were lucky enough to join you at River Cottage and had a fab day looking round your yard and meeting all the horses.

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