Thrills and spills at Salperton….

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Oh dear, I had a tumble at Salperton Horse Trials on Saturday.

I was knocked out for a few minutes and was taken off to Gloucester Hospital, where after a couple of hours of various scans and X-rays they gave me the all clear to go…phew!! Mum had driven the lorry home thinking I would have to stay the night in hospital, so It was a good excuse for me to stay with some lovely friends Paul, Helen, Cornelia, Demi, and Andre Stamp who lived nearby.

Luckily Tess was fine. It was at the end of quite a straight forward cross-country course for her, and I think I went for a rather long stand off stride (not that I can remember much!), and she caught her knee and stumbled. I shot out of the front door doing an ungracious nose plant!! I have 2 rather bruised eyes, swollen nose and bruised hand, but luckily no breaks. After being unconscious riders are ‘stood down’ for 21 days initially, so sadly I am unable to compete in Aachen this week. But if I see the team Doctor, Peter Whitehead, and pass some tests next week I am hopeful I will be allowed to ride at Barbary Horse Trials as I’m feeling fine already!!

Salperton was my first event following a mini summer break in Spain with our good friends Paul and Linda Kingdon. David, Emily and her friend Molly Threlfall, plus another lovely couple Fred and Faith Hartley made up the party (poor Freddie had to stay at home due to school). What bliss it was to not see a cloud for all the 5 days we were there!

The horses have had a short break and are now back in work for the second half of the season that lies ahead. Fernhill Urco has had to go back to his owners Sue and Eddie Davies and Janette Chinn for a rest to recover from a minor injury. Hopefully I have now got my bad luck out of the way and can look forward to a thrilling Autumn season.

Emily has got 5 horses on the Junior Longlist….her Europeans are at Jardy in France in September. Patsy Mason’s Mr Hiho and Nikki Harwood’s Brookleigh are her top 2 horses.

Emily and I have had a few early get ups to get the horses worked before going to functions. We were invited to lunch at Queens Club for the Aegon Tennis Chamionships, we saw some exciting play in the afternoon. We also were invited by Emily’s owner Patrick Beresford (Charlemagne’s owner), for lunch during Royal Ascot week which was a real treat.

The only plus from not being allowed to compete for a period of time is that I am lucky enough to have been offered tickets for Glastonbury…how exciting, cant wait!! …(but would rather be in Aachen!)

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